Humanscale Makes the Diffrient World Chair

Award-Winning Task Chair Combines Simplicity, Performance and Sustainability


Martin Higgins


NEW YORK — Representing ultimate simplicity in an affordable, high-performance task chair, Humanscale’s Diffrient World, designed by ergonomics pioneer Niels Diffrient, sets an exciting new bar in sustainable task seating design.

Made from just eight major parts and weighing only 14 kg (31 lbs.), Diffrient World achieves Humanscale’s signature weight-sensitive recline through an innovative design that automatically adjusts to each user by utilizing two frame components, the user’s body weight and the laws of physics. This design provides appropriate levels of recline resistance, no matter the user’s size, without the need to operate manual controls.

Diffrient World features a patented tri-panel, proprietary non-stretch mesh backrest that ensures perfect lumbar support for every user without the need for external lumbar devices. Its responsive, pivoting backrest automatically adapts to the changing needs of the spine as the user moves. The frameless front edge on the seat pan provides soft support under the thighs for all-day sitting comfort.

Diffrient World’s armrests are built into the backrest to support the user through the full range of recline. An armless model is also available, along with an optional upholstered seat cushion.

Its restrained aesthetic allows it to seamlessly integrate into environments without overpowering them.  The chair is available in a variety of mesh styles and colors, along with three frame color options: Black, White and Gray.

Longevity is built into Diffrient World. With few controls and mechanisms, Diffrient World has few things that can go wrong over time. In addition, this high-quality chair will look as good in 20 years as it does today.

The chair’s ultra-lightweight design requires less raw material and fewer manufacturing processes than many other high-performance task chairs. Its durability and modularity further minimize its environmental impact to ensure a long life of service. And when the chair does finally need to be replaced, its simple design facilitates easy disassembly.

Recipient of many accolades, Diffrient World has earned a “Best of the Best” distinction from the prestigious Red Dot awards.

Über Humanscale

Humanscale ist der führende Entwickler und Hersteller von ergonomischen Hochleistungsprodukten, die die Gesundheit und den Komfort des Arbeitslebens verbessern. Mit dem Einfluss von neuer Technologie in funktionelle, aber schlanke Designs, verwandelt Humanscale traditionelle Büros in aktive, intelligente Arbeitsbereiche. Humanscale ist engagiert einen positiven Nettoeffekt auf der Erde und bei den Kunden zu hinterlassen; Humanscale bietet preisgekrönte Produkte, die mit Fokus auf Funktion, Einfachheit und Langlebigkeit entwickelt wurden.

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