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Humanscale Furthers the Sit/Stand Revolution with QuickStand Lite™

New Flexible, Lightweight Workstation Enables Range of Motion and Promotes Activity in any Workspace

New York, NY, January 2016 – Humanscale, the pioneer in ergonomic design, is dedicated to producing innovative and intuitive tools that promote a healthy work environment. Now available to order, QuickStand Lite™ is a revolutionary new development in sit/stand equipment. Equipped with an innovative counterbalance mechanism for easy transition between postures, it features an adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform that provides exceptional stability while typing. It can easily be affixed to existing workstations and adapt to the user as they move throughout the day, creating a truly active workspace.

Light and flexible, this new addition to Humanscale’s sit/stand product family offers an increased range of motion and a small desktop footprint, making it suitable for collaborative and hot-desking environments as well as home offices. Users can seamlessly position and reposition the height-adjustable workstation in any direction within a 40” radius thanks to an articulating arm. Minimalist in its aesthetic, QuickStand Lite’s unique design presents a sleek, modern upgrade, turning any workspace into an active one. Engineered for strength and stability, it can hold single or dual monitors up to 25 pounds and can be easily configured to add or remove a second monitor as needs change. Its cable-management system keeps work surfaces clear and un-cluttered, while it’s accessible price point and wide array of finishes make it a universally appealing solution.

The release of QuickStand Lite comes at a time when sedentary behavior has attracted attention as a significant contributor to harmful health conditions including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. A new study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, scheduled for release in 2016, examines the differences in energy expenditure during work while seated, standing, or while alternating between postures. The lead researcher, Bethany Barone Gibbs, PhD, also evaluated the differences in heart rate, productivity, and feeling scales (energy, fatigue and pain) across a 60-minute test interval. While more information will be released early next year, the research suggests that over time, regular use of sit/stand transitional products could be instrumental in helping individuals control their weight and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

For high res images and more information on QuickStand Lite, visit bit.ly/humanscale_ces.

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Über Humanscale

Humanscale ist der führende Entwickler und Hersteller von ergonomischen Hochleistungsprodukten, die die Gesundheit und den Komfort des Arbeitslebens verbessern. Mit dem Einfluss von neuer Technologie in funktionelle, aber schlanke Designs, verwandelt Humanscale traditionelle Büros in aktive, intelligente Arbeitsbereiche. Humanscale ist engagiert einen positiven Nettoeffekt auf der Erde und bei den Kunden zu hinterlassen; Humanscale bietet preisgekrönte Produkte, die mit Fokus auf Funktion, Einfachheit und Langlebigkeit entwickelt wurden.

Für mehr Informationen: www.humanscale.com



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