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Humanscale Highlights the Importance of Lighting at NeoCon 2016

With New Task and Architectural Lighting, Humanscale Lights the Way to a More Efficient Space

New York, NY, June 13, 2016 – Humanscale, the leader in ergonomic design for the workplace, is introducing lighting solutions that underscore its commitment to innovation and showcase the importance of dual source lighting from both a health/wellness and sustainable perspective. Its newest task light, Infinity, boasts a sleek design alongside optimal usability and best-of-class light output, quality and distribution. Vessel, designed by Todd Bracher, represents Humanscale’s first foray into architectural lighting. As the champion of human health and wellness at work and beyond, these new lights are representative of the brand’s core design values with a clear focus on simplicity, functionality and ease of use. This expertise also secured
Humanscale a session on the NeoCon Conference program as it was selected to present a CEU accredited seminar, which highlights the far-reaching ergonomic and economic benefits of dual source lighting.

According to Shane Cohen, Director of Global Director of Lighting, “We highly encourage the implementation of task lighting at workstations alongside the reduction of overhead lighting in order to reduce the amount of energy that goes into lighting a space.” In a study conducted with Duke University, researchers reduced overhead lighting across 48 work areas and implemented 7-watt task lights at individual workstations. Across the work areas affected by this change, they found energy savings of 1168 watts, or over 2400 kWh saved per year - an average savings of 50.6 kWh per employee per year.

A new ergonomic task lighting solution from Humanscale, Infinity offers enhanced flexibility. It utilizes constant torque axis “forever” hinges that allow precise movement and one-hand maneuverability. The extended arm reach (a 35” arm that rotates 180° from the base) allows for perfect ergonomic utilization. The head pivots 90°, giving the user total control over where they shine their light. Infinity features an intuitive dimmer control that customizes nine levels of light, up to 1500 lux, with a single-shadow light quality. A passive infrared occupancy sensor conserves energy and an intuitive single-touch capacitive sensing slide offers instant and easy light performance. Simple, flexible and elegant, Infinity offers an ideal task lighting solution.

Made from the highest quality quartz crystal, Vessel provides beautiful, glare-free light in a simple, refined form. Rather than taking a stylistic approach to lighting, Vessel was designed with a focus on physics and optical engineering, and emerged from the aim to achieve the highest possible quality of light. It offers perfect diffusion, is well balanced, and has a high color rendering, resulting in a light that is functional and pure. Easily installed as a single pendant or by the hundreds in large chandelier applications, it provides an elegant solution for installations far beyond the corporate environment. Vessel is well suited for hospitality and residential settings as the light throw is optimal for dining tables and restaurants and is perfectly calibrated to eliminate residual LED glare – casting tables, bars, lobbies and walls in a soft circle of uniform white light.

Cohen will speak to this subject in more detail with a session entitled Work Light Right: The Far Reaching Ergonomic and Economic Benefits of Dual-Source Lighting for the Office. Held on Tuesday, June 14th from 2:30 to 3:30pm in room 7-B, the seminar will reveal how dual-source office lighting can boost employee comfort and productivity while promoting energy and cost savings. Cohen will share examples and case studies detailing the newly released research into the effects of lighting in the workplace, detailing how lighting needs to vary and providing guidelines on how to optimize lighting levels for maximum ergonomic, environmental, and economic benefits. Cohen specializes in solutions designed to enhance the human experience.
He holds over 37 utility and design patents and has contributed to new comprehensive research on the benefits of adjustable task lighting with both Duke and North Carolina State universities. The seminar can be found on NeoCon’s website using session code T225.

A full press kit is available at bit.ly/humanscale-neocon2016. For real time updates, check out #DesignForHumans on social media.

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Über Humanscale

Humanscale ist der führende Entwickler und Hersteller von ergonomischen Hochleistungsprodukten, die die Gesundheit und den Komfort des Arbeitslebens verbessern. Mit dem Einfluss von neuer Technologie in funktionelle, aber schlanke Designs, verwandelt Humanscale traditionelle Büros in aktive, intelligente Arbeitsbereiche. Humanscale ist engagiert einen positiven Nettoeffekt auf der Erde und bei den Kunden zu hinterlassen; Humanscale bietet preisgekrönte Produkte, die mit Fokus auf Funktion, Einfachheit und Langlebigkeit entwickelt wurden.

Für mehr Informationen: www.humanscale.com



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